How to select a driving instructor

How to select a driving instructor

Participation is essential when it comes to the selection of the driver for your child.

If you were in a different situation, it would not be possible for your 17-year-old girl to get into the car of a stranger middle-aged male. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child is safe, legal, and safe while driving. Do you not want to make sure they are licensed and dedicated to safe driving?

Get involved right from the beginning. Research local instructors, meet them, and ask questions.

Ask around

Referring to other people is the best way of finding the right driving instructor. It is better to ask a group of friends who have had their lessons with the same instructor, and all passed the first time.

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Examine the qualifications

“Oh, my big brother is going to teach me” – but he’s not. You should be wary of your friend doing the teaching. Is it possible to be late for the test if the instructor didn’t set an alarm? It was not a great start.

Driving instructors must be DSA-approved Potential Driving Instruction (PDI), or Approved Driving instructor (ADI). These qualifications are required for anyone who takes money to teach driving lessons.

Your child won’t ask you for proof of qualifications or ID. As an embarrassing (caring), parent, you should.

A trainee instructor is a great choice. They are knowledgeable and eager to gain good references. They could also be paid a lower rate while in training.

Take a look at their approach

While we all judge people based on how they look, unlike your child’s, you’ve been able to feel people out for many years. Ask questions to find out what type of person they are, and how they work.

How long have you been taught?

How long does it take for your students to feel ready to take their test?

Ask them for their advice

Ask for advice from instructors on topics such as how many lessons to take per week.

Which lesson length would you recommend?

Do you think it is worth waiting before opening a private practice?

Do not buy the cheapest option.

Before they can make a profit, a driving instructor must cover many costs. What are the costs of a driving instructor who charges less than the average PS24/hour? Budget tires not attending classes? It’s not something you should think about.

Some instructors offer discounts if you book multiple lessons. Ask upfront. You should not purchase a block right away. This is because you will want to ensure that the instructor is qualified.

There are not many ways to make learning how to drive less expensive. However, you will save money long-term if your child is taught by the right instructor. It might seem like a good deal now, but it could be a waste of money in the long run if your child takes longer to pass their test.

Be sure to inquire about the practicalities

Is it college or work okay to pick you up and take you back?

What is the most recent notice regarding canceling lessons without losing the fee?

How flexible can you be regarding lesson times and days?

Next steps

Ready to go with your first driving lesson, you can get the booking started now or get in touch to find out more. Any questions or worries at all, just let us know!