Smart Watches Perfect for summer

Smart Watches Perfect for summer

In need of a smartwatch perfect for the summer, here at House of Watches, we have a fantastic selection of smartwatches to suit all your needs. No matter what kind of smartwatch you’re after, we are sure to have the perfect smartwatch for you here. We have a fantastic selection of smartwatches for summer and here are some of our favorites.

There are a lot of different specifications of smartwatches; some are created specifically for sports with some smart watches are created specifically for diving, golfing, etc. This kind of smartwatches with a more narrow focus on the sport itself tends to be a little more expensive due to the technological needs to make the watch perfect for that sport.

Depending on your specific needs in your smartwatch, it will determine the kind of watch you purchase. Some of our latest smart watches have variations in technologies, meaning you are sure to find something within our collection here at House of Watches.

If you’re after a hybrid smartwatch then the latest choices from Citizen. A hybrid smartwatch is simply a watch that merges the traditional watch and its mechanical watch design with that of a modern smartwatch and its technology. The Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Smartwatch combines a perfect combination of both classic and smart. With a traditional look to the watch, it showcases the beauty of both tradition and technology.

If you’re after a companion to help with all things adventure then the Garmin MARQ Adventure is the perfect addition. With some of the best technologies, battery life, and materials this watch is the ideal choice when trying to decide on the perfect smartwatch to match your needs. With additions to help the not-so-average explorer with orienteering feature, expedition app, topo maps, multi-GNSS, pulse OX sensor, hate rate monitor, stress score, hydration tracker, respiration tracker and so much more.

Another great brand to choose when after a new smartwatch for summer is Casio. Casio has plenty of different smart watches suitable for both him and her. The stunning Casio G-MS smartwatch is a brilliant option for both him and her. Being Bluetooth enabled it can connect to your phone and find the phone even when in silent mode. As well as being hard-wearing, and shock resistant, Casio watches are a perfect addition to your everyday lifestyle.

You may need to consider a smartwatch that is water resistant for all those water activities you’re going to be doing with the kids, luckily for you, we stock over one hundred smartwatches that are waterproof and have great water resistance so you don’t need to worry about your watch when you’re in the pool, the sea or having a water fight.

There are so many smartwatches on the market and many of them do different things with different specifications, some are more complex than others, allowing for a variation in options for the customers to choose from. To shop our latest range of smartwatches, head online to House of Watches now!