Painful Experience From Wearing Bras – How To Tackle The Situation 

Painful Experience From Wearing Bras – How To Tackle The Situation 

Bras and panties are intimate wears that should offer comfort when you wear them. If you feel like your bra is hurting your skin one or the other way, then you should understand that the one that you are wearing is not ideal for you. The best suggestion, in this case, is switching to the bra types that can offer comfort when you wear them.

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Wearing A Wrong Bra and The Body Signs for You 

Here are some of the signs that your body gives you when you are not wearing the ideal bra for the type of your bosoms.

  • Painful Bra Bands

The right way of your bra supporting your breasts is when the band is snug against the body perfectly. Even after the whole day of wearing your bra, you should not feel redness or pain in the area where the bra band hugs your skin. When this happens, it is a sign that you should change your bra size.

  • Chafing Bras 

When a bra is chafing, it is not necessary that it is tight for your bosom size. It just means that the bra that you are wearing is a loose-fitting one and constant movement of the bra straps is making them cause a sense of irritation on your skin. There should not be chaffing as it just means that your bra is not offering the right coverage. Hence, it is time to buy the right-fitted bra.

  • Hurt from the Inner Points of the Bra 

Sometimes the ends of the bra wire will poke on your skin and this can cause a wound on your skin as well. This is the sign that you should upgrade your bra to the new size. The bra wire should sit perfectly at the lower breast region when you wear them for the required comfort.

Avoiding the Pain from Wearing Bras 

The best way of avoiding the possible chances of pain that might be caused by wearing bras are many, and some are listed below.

  • Choose the Bras that have no Underwire 

Underwire in a bra is the major issue in many cases and also for the pain that the bra causes. Hence, the best way of avoiding this issue overall is by choosing the bras without underwire.

  • Wearing Nipple Covers 

Some women have the issue of nipples poking through their fabrics, because of the thin fabric bras. The best way of avoiding this is by wearing the nipple covers.

  • Tube Bras 

Tube bras are the bra types that offer complete coverage to the breasts, and yet will not need any support from the straps. These are ideal for dressy tops.

You cannot compromise with the innerwear that you choose to wear under any clothing. To make them more comfortable pieces of clothing, you can choose the options that work perfectly well for you.