Avoid These Types of Ingredients in Your Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges

Avoid These Types of Ingredients in Your Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges

By now, most of you must have probably tried any firsthand vaporizer by using an oil cartridge. All these portable vaporizers have become quite popular as they are very easy to operate.

By visiting a dispensary, you will notice many different brands made with different strains, additives, and solvents. All your queries like how to decide which ingredients are safe, which ones to avoid, and cuantas gotitas de aceite de cannabi se toma or vape can be cleared by visiting JustCBD website.

  1. Few vape pens may also contain harmful additives

Often few vape pens may not be too safe. There are certain common additives available to vapor pens that may pose certain health risks. Two additives are:

  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG).

Commonly both these substances are added to e-juice and also to a vapor CBD cartridge. Unfortunately, they can transform into certain dangerous substances when they are heated up to 446°F (230°C).

With heat both PG and PEG get converted to known carcinogen formaldehyde, fortunately, the other additives e.g. vegetable glycerine (VG) do not pose any health risk.

  1. Concentrates may also contain a high level of pesticide contaminants

E-juices, vapor cartridges, etc. may contain certain residual pesticide contaminants. A cannabis concentrate batch may be equivalent to almost several pounds of any cannabis flowers.

While these flowers may not contain individually any unsafe pesticide, but highly concentrated oil that is made after extracting the resin out of a great many plants can be more problematic.

Often cannabis extractions concentrate resin may remain attached to the resin. Hence, a vapor cartridge has more possibility of containing concentrated contaminants.

2. Concentrates may contain very different terpenes rather than dried flower

E-liquids concentrates, and vapor cartridges may not be the same as cannabis flowers. While vapor pens, concentrates, and e-liquids are labeled under a similar strain, the extraction process will eliminate many of the terpene found inside the whole cannabis flower.

In one study where comparing dried cannabis flowers to subcritical CO₂ extractions, the most common extract type was used in vapor pens, and the team found that terpene concentrations significantly differed between the 2 products.

3. Vaporization temperature also matters

Based on the vape pen type, you may be combusting concentrate or e-liquid instead of vaporizing. Any true vaporization will happen at low temperatures. However, vaporizers and vapor pens that allow consumers using certain high heat settings will be similar to any portable smoking device.

The combustion point for cannabis oils will be 446°F (230°C). Still, the ideal combustion point to preserve for most cannabinoids and terpenes is supposed to be around 330°F (165° C).

4. Many vaporizers use plastics

One more point to consider about the safety of vape pens is the hardware of the vape pen itself. Many disposable vape-pens are still using plastics very close to the heating elements.

Most vape pen plastics although are used in any vaporizer pens are usually considered as “heat-safe,” but it is very well-known that plastic material can always outgas chemical compounds having unknown risks when they are heated.

Generally, outgassing is supposed to be a matter of more concern with any softer plastic than with the harder ones.