Secrets of Every Successful Ads Campaign on Facebook

Secrets of Every Successful Ads Campaign on Facebook

The emergence of social media has heralded a whole new form of marketing online. Social media has a huge daily user count. Facebook is the biggest social media giant. It has over a billion active users per day. If utilized properly, you can effectively market your business and easily generate conversions on Facebook.

Facebook offers you a variety of targeting options which makes it one of the most optimum modes of marketing. The marketing on Facebook is relatively cheap too, which makes it the most preferable platform to market on. However, it can get confusing when you start using the Facebook ad marketing platform. It is advisable that you get an expert’s assistance.

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How to Make a Facebook Ad Successful?

1-    Analyse the Audience Insights- Facebook provides you with the relevant data of the audience even before you have launched your ads campaign. This way, you can save money by targeting only the relevant share of the audience. For this, you must analyse the audience insights that can be mined easily.

This is the data of people who are already linked to your page on Facebook. The information, which you get is based on people who like your page. You can easily study the audience and prepare your strategy in the ads. This saves you a lot of resources and time. You will not be required to run an experimental ad campaign.

2-    Unique Audience- this is undoubtedly the most useful feature of Facebook Ads. Unique audience feature lest you display different ads to different sets of people. Thus, if you are targeting 50 people and out of them, a few prefer your brand for a specific quality and the rest for some other quality, you can design different ads for separate sets.

Facebook also lets you have different landing pages for different ads, thus, instead of having a generic and digressive homepage, you can take the users on precise and useful pages which cater to their needs specifically. This also gives the audience a more personalized touch which increases your chances of generating a conversion.

3-    Use appropriate images- You must remember that your ad would be displayed when the user will be casually using social media. Thus, if your ad doesn’t look interesting, it would probably be sore in the eye of the user. Your Ad must incorporate relevant and attractive images which make it look attractive to the user.

4-    Customise the bid strategy- Set a budget and never breach it. Overspending is the last thing that you should be doing in the Facebook campaigns, else you would end up losing more than you have earned. You should start with having a strategy for each of your bids and how much are you willing to pay for each click.

5-    Retarget the audience- Retargeting is the sauce of marketing. When you try to sell your services to a new customer, it becomes highly likely that you would fail. This happens because there are multiple factors at play here. The most relevant factor is brand image and credibility. If the customer doesn’t trust you, he would not buy from you.

In Re-marketing, you target those audiences who have already availed of your services or who have already been exposed to your business. They have already generated a sense of trust for your business and it is easier to generate conversion from them. Facebook lets you Re-market easily, this way, and you can generate high ROI on a small investment.

6-    Focus on Mobile experience- Since a majority of the users of Facebook access it thru mobile phones, and it is essential that you design an ad that is compatible with the mobile screens as well. Your ad must fit well within the screen and the content must be readable without any need of zooming in or out.


Facebook offers a great platform for advertising your business. The Ads campaigns on Facebook are relatively cheap and considering the variety of options available, they are a bang for the buck. You must use these ads with a proper strategy to drive high conversions from users.