The Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp Products

The Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp Products

Many individuals feel that using CBD products may result in negative effects. This is because the cannabis species plants although has abundant curative properties, but some have tetrahydrocannabinoils that may get them high. That is the reason in earlier decades CBD products were illegal to sell in most of the countries.

Since past one decade, CBD supplies are in the main stream of effective health enhancing herbal products. The simple reason is that CBD products used for medical treatment are extracted from the hemp plants. Yes, you guessed it right! Hemp plants have negligible amount of THC compared to marijuana plants. Hence, CBD and other components derived from the hemp plant are safe to use anytime.

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Still many elderly people are afraid to use CBD to get rid of their old age symptoms and to get relief from other heath disorders. This is because they are unable to differentiate between marijuana and hemp plants.

Lines to clarify the differences between both cannabis plants:

  • Hemp plant:
    • The whole plant is well known to have medicinal properties and thus all the plants are used by herbal medicine manufacturers.
    • Hemp plant has 0.3% of THC, thus it doesn’t have any negative aspects to trouble its user’s general health. That is the reason why CBD is used for healing purpose.
    • There are many kinds of organic medicinal products that are made using CBD of hemp plants. Even in cosmetic industry hemp plant CBD is used as the main ingredient to compose superior quality skincare products.
  • Marijuana plants:
    • They belong to the cannabis species and its weeds are used mainly by people to smoke for enjoying its psychoactive qualities.
    • Marijuana do posses all the medicinal value similar to the hemp plant however as THC is more in proportion, its CBD constituent isn’t used to make medicinal supplies.
    • In many countries, it is illegal to use CBD processed by marijuana plants as it may contain THC to get its user high. Marijuana’s negative qualities are the main reason for people to shy away from buying products composed using cannabis plants derived compounds.

Hemp plants are largely cultivated to derive CBD to use in making many healing and skincare products.

The methods applied to derive CBD are:

  • Ethanol extraction mode: Decarboxylation is done to get the green powder to be soaked in a solvent, ethanol. The solution is filtered after sometime and ethanol evaporates. This process keeps all the chemical properties of hemp plants compounds safe, and thus its user can enjoy all the goodness of CBD, terpenes and flavonoids present in the hemp plants.
  • CO2 extraction. It is mainly used to extract pure form of CBD and not any other compounds of hemp plants. CBD derives using this process is used to make many cosmetic products.

Hemp plants CBD possess all the healing powers any person desires, thus make sure to buy them from trusted sources without worrying over getting high.